Friday 3 February 2012

Why am I in Kenya?

Kenya’s main religion is Christianity. But it is often said that many believers in Kenya can be compared to a lake that is a mile long but only an inch deep.

Because of the political and social turmoil that they experience, the church often becomes like a hospital where people come simply to get hope.
As a result, many people are coming to Christ as their Saviour. However, the teaching and the knowledge of the Bible are often superficial and shallow, not transforming people's lives. There is a lack of making Christ the Lord of their life. Their belief in Christ is not well translated into their daily lives.

While the statistics say that Kenya is 45% Protestant, many do not truly live out Christ. Thus discipleship is vital. Kenyans need a revival of depth in Christ that is evident in their decisions and actions.

If you are not already praying for the people of Kenya, please add them to your prayers. Only God can revive this nation and it's people!