Monday 6 February 2012

Busy weekend

Just like home, it seems weekends are as busy as any other days. Early on Saturday morning I met students and teachers from Elyon High School at Dagoretti and travelled (I drove a borrowed car) across to the far side of Nairobi to Moi Forces Academy to watch them compete in an inter school sports day. We followed the bus transporting the students - at least until they changed vehicles without telling us. With the help of the 2 staff in my car we eventually found our destination.
I returned to Dagoretti about lunch time and the plan was that my friend Stella was taking me to see Kitenga Glass - a local factory and gallery for the most beautiful items made from recycled glass. We eventually arrived there but after over 2 hours in traffic (for a drive that should have taken us 20 minutes) just as they were getting ready to close. Thankfully they allowed us a quick look around although all the artisans had finished for the day.

On Sunday morning I drove to Lifespring Chapel at Embakasi to catch up with friends and then meet with 2 of our scholarship beneficiaries to discuss ongoing expectations for this year; the final year for both of these guys. After lunch I dropped these guys into the centre of Nairobi - a part of the city I had so far tried to avoid driving through. I'm glad to say I was able to navigate my way home alone successfully, albeit with a migraine.

So far this trip, I've tackled a few firsts (even though it's my 3rd trip to Kenya). I've travelled on matatus alone, I've successfully navigated my way to areas that I've previously not visited, I visited Uganda and even while there travelled on a boda boda (a motorbike taxi). There was even 3 people on the bike for the trip - an interesting experience.

After 3 trips to Kenya and this one will be for 2 months (only 2 weeks left), I have to say I love this country and more so it's people. I maybe a Aussie but God has truly given me a heart for Kenya and it's people.

Mimi ni katika Kenya.