Friday 17 February 2012

Tour of churches

Wednesday started off looking like it would be a "not so good" day. We were scheduled to begin class ( with the local pastors) at 9am. By 10am we still only had a handful that had arrived. However, the conversations that ensued were amazing, as some of the pastors sort counsel from the others on issues that they were dealing with in their churches. Many spoke of cases of domestic abuse, violence or neglect. It was for me an enriching time sitting there listening to the Godly counsel of some of these pastors.
We paused for a cuppa about 11am and then began the training for the day.

After class, I was taken on tour of some the local churches in the N'gando slum area. Humble buildings filled by people passionate for God. I met and prayed with many people, people who have a heart for ministering to the people struggling each day in this area to make enough to survive. For many, it is nearly survival!

It is almost time for me to leave for today's training but I will find time later to post a few photos of some of the ministries that I visited on Wednesday.

Today will be my last day teaching thes pastors on this trip. We hope to appoint someone soon that will be able to continue these sessions. Please pray that as we review the applications, that God will clearly guide us in the decision. It is so vital that these pastors continue to be feed and trained in God's Word!