Monday 13 February 2012

Amazing Sunday!

Wow, what a day!
I had a leisurely start to the day as church did not begin until 11am. Actually,it wasn't that leisurely as I felt the need to the sermon I had prepared for this morning. I was preaching at Dagoretti Corner Baptist Church. I have spoken there before but for some reason I felt uneasy about my preparation for today.
It all went well. The message was received. I was assisted by a Swahili interpreter which meant it took longer than normal. (the sermon was an hour!)

After the customary greeting at the door after service, I slipped away to pick up my friend, Stella.
We had a special day planned for a little girl that my home group in Australia sponsor her school fees. It is Merilah's birthday on Monday and so we planned to take the family out for the rest of the day. After picking them all up (Mama, Merilah, & her 2 sisters (Julie & Georgina)) we took them to lunch at the food court in Westlands Mall. Then at the family's suggestion we took them to the National Museum in Nairobi.. The girls had a great time!
One of the staff where I am staying baked 2 birthday cakes for us. One to have today and the other for Merilah to take to school tomorrow to share with her class.
What staggered me about the day was when Merilah's mum said that today was the first time they celebrated a birthday for Merilah. That is the reality of their poverty - no special occasions.
It was an indescribable joy to see them all enjoy the day. In the west, we take so much for granted.
I'll add a photo taken in their home last month & one taken today at her birthday celebration. The mum works on the far side of the city and can only manage to come home and visit the girls on Sundays.
That would like to move out of their "tin shed" home into a real building but they could only afford 2000 shilling per month for rent. A basic 2 bedroom flat would be closer to 10,000 shillings per month ($115 Australian per month).
If you like to help this family move from the slums, contact me. They have really pulled on my heart strings.