Sunday 26 September 2010

2010 Trip -25th September

We cruised all night and all morning. Mid-morning we turned into the Rhine river as we began our last section of the cruise. During lunch we arrive at Rudesheim. We travelled by mini train to Sigfreid's Musical Cabinet, a private collection of mechanical musical instruments. We caught the chairlift to the top of the hill overlooking the beautiful Rhine valley. The views were spectacular! After coming back down to earth, we wandered the narrow town streets and Linda enjoyed a local specialty, Rudesheimer Kaffee - coffee with brandy and whipped cream. It was prepared at the table in a special way. Linda said it was strong! Just as we finished our afternoon tea (Rob ate strudel again), a band began to play in the street outside the cafe. Very entertaining!
The rest of the afternoon was spent cruising along the Rhine. This section is lined with castles. We past 30 castles before arriving in Koblenz during dinner. After dinner we strolled around Koblenz (under the guidance of our Cruise Manager). It is a very cosmopolitan town with a seemingly vibrant night life. Tonight we'll remain docked in Koblenz so we are all looking forward to a good nights sleep.