Sunday 12 September 2010

2010 Trip -11th September

Today we set out for Jarlsbereny where papa (Linda's dad) was born and to visit family.  Again another rainy day.  We arrivedin the town hoping to find information office to get an interpreter but didn't.  How were we going to communicate with family.  Oh well.  Arrived at the home of Joseph & Kathy Szabo (cousin to my aunt) and they were very happy to see us.  They were expecting us in the last two days but we didn't know that's what Aunty Margaret had organised for us.  Anyway.  Many hours were spent trying to understand each other - unsuccessfully.  A phone call from Australia saved a little bit of confusion.  Thanks for saving us Aunty Margaret.  Joseph took us to the street where my grandmother and great grandmother lived.  My father and his sisters were born here.  Strange feeling to actually be here.  Challenging communication verbally didn't take away from the communication of love of family.  Hard and rewarding day.