Thursday 23 September 2010

2010 Trip -22nd September

So this morning started with an announcement from 'Bertha' for the trip for the day in Bamburg.  Bamburg is the town where special smoked beer is made.  It smells like beer that has had smoked bacon soaking in it.  Rob didn't mind this beer.  Linda didn't want to try.  The smell was off putting enough, let alone not liking beer at all.  Back on the boat for lunch and we had to travel this afternoon.  So an afternoon on the boat was spent with a lecture of the European Union by a professor from Nuremburg.  The history lesson caused many to fall asleep.  A few games of cards and a quiet dinner, introduction of our new cruise director (yes I had to hand over my role - sorry Bertha's role) Kata (she's Hungarian).  Early to bed - big day tomorrow.