Thursday 23 September 2010

2010 Trip -21st September

A different day today as we spent the morning sailing through locks and along canals. About mid morning we reached the 'Continental Divide'. This is the point where we ceased our upward climb through locks and began our downhill run through locks towards the coast.  This afternoon we arrived in Nuremburg where we did a medievil tour of the city.  Lots of history of this town.  The buildings of this city were not as old as we thought because of how severely it was bombed during the wars.  So buildings were only about 40-50 years old but still in the old style.  We wandered around the city for a couple of hours then back to the boat.  We had a Bavarian dinner and entertainment tonight (yodelling). They even played the 'chicken dance'.  During dinner, Jan, our cruise director advised us that he had to leave our cruise because his wife was having complications during the birth of their son a month too early.  Leaving us he said that 'Bertha' was in charge until the new director arrives tomorrow afternoon. A few of us then had a late night in the lounge listening to our piano player and dancing the night away.
Linda & Ann do the chicken dance