Tuesday 11 October 2005

It Will NEVER Be Enough

They are all singing, clapping, shouting, bowing, kneeling, dancing, crying . . .
The thousand or so people gathered here tonight are praising You, Jesus.
It is SUCH a celebration. It is SUCH a sound.
But this is just one meeting in one city at this moment. How many other meetings like this
are going on all over the world, right now ?
How many meetings have happened since your appearing where your people have celebrated You ? How many ?
One million ?
Ten million ?
One hundred million ?
Even if one billion . . . it STILL is not enough !
It will take eternity times forever, and even THEN, it won't be enough !
In my mind I see flashes of a husband and wife kneeling and worshiping You.
I see children, hands clasped, dancing in a circle, singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children".
I see the Aborigine stopping to look up at the night sky and praising You, even though she
doesn't "know" you.
The Baptist choir; the Youth praise band; the countless times of the partaking of Your Body
and Blood . . . how many acts of praise and adoration are You worthy of ?
More than we could ever, ever, EVER display.