Thursday 9 October 2014

Pray for Vanessa

Today I left early to drive a CCP sponsored 9 year old girl, her mum and the CCP nurse (Mable) to a distant hospital where they offered to review the girl for neuro surgery. As it turns out it was too complicated for the district hospital even though this week they have a team of neuro surgeons from Canada.
They ended up referring her to the welfare program at Aga Khan Hospital. So we went there to start the process. The board at Aga Khan Hospital will make a decision on Monday. Please have many people pray for Vanessa.  She turns 10 next month but is the size of a 6 year old. Without surgery on the brain tumour soon she may not last long. She is deteriorating quickly. She had a fit in the car on way home. It was so scary.
Please, please, please pray for this girl and that the hospital board and doctors will make the best choice to help this young girl.