Friday 10 October 2014

An Example to Follow

Soon the final High School exams begin for Kenyan students. Elyon High School at Dagoretti Corner in Nairobi always strive to set good example for the students and indeed the community. Today is a one of those times when they show the importance of having the right priorities and that our Christian Faith is not an isolated or compartmentalised part of our lives but must shape our entire existence.

Today at Elyon High School, all classes for the entire school are cancelled and the whole school community will spend the day in worship and prayer. The day of prayer will have a focus on the Form 4 students (those facing their finals) but will also be a day of general prayer for the whole school community.

What a great example to Christian schools everywhere - dedicating a whole day for the whole school to pray for the students as they begin their exams. What a wonderful way to demonstrate our priorities.

I have been asked to speak today at the day of prayer. Specifically, I have been asked to bring a word of encouragement to them from God's word. It is a wonderful privilege to be asked but also a huge responsibility. Please pray for me as I share from Phillipians 4:4-9.