Friday 12 September 2014

The first few days.

This trip is full of mixed emotions. The first few days have been a time of adjustment.
I do miss my wife and especially our afternoon sharing of the days events. Sure, we can Skype but it is not the same as being together.
While it has only been about 7 months since I was last here, in many ways it seems so long ago. It takes time to adjust to the different pace of life and being the fish in the bowl. In the area where I am staying and spending most of my time here there are not many muzungu (white people) so there is always the feeling that you are being watched. There is a shopping mall near my accommodation that is frequented my muzungu so I can retreat there sometimes to feel a little less conspicuous.

I arrived here on Tuesday afternoon but as yet (Friday morning) there is no sign of my luggage. I do get a phone call from the airline daily informing me that it was not on today's flight...... Maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday I spent my first day in the CCP office after reviewing curriculum documents over the last few days, it was time to draft up a training schedule for the CCP Academy teachers. That is one of my main task for this trip, to prepare the teachers ready to deliver the ICT curriculum.

This morning I have been invited to join (read speak at) the morning devotions at Elyon High School. After that I will catch a matatu to the CCP office for continue preparations.

For those of you who saw my video of the multi bed room that was waiting for me on Tuesday, I have now moved to a small room.

Until next time........