Sunday 22 January 2012

Last minute preparations

Today (Saturday) was a day of rest, catching up on washing, reading and packing my bags ready for the trip to Uganda. Well, at least that was for most of the day.

Late in the day I received a phone relaying a message from the people I will be visiting in Uganda. Typical of Africa, the message was a last minute request of new topics that they would like me to preach & teach on in Uganda. WOW! I'm travelling there on Monday. Talk about short notice! I said that I could make no promises but would look try to come up with something.

God is good! For two of the topics that they have requested I have already prepared talks. That leaves me Sunday after church (which goes for hours & is in Swahili) and then Monday during the 12 hour bus trip to work on the last topic.

Please pray for divine guidance & wisdom in preparation and also for safety during the trip.