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Sunday, 29 August 2010

2010 Trip - 28th August

Well, today was the last day of the seminar and because of the long "short" talks, a long session regarding marriage and the new Kenyan constitution, we didn't get to do what we had planned. Oh well.
We had a great "sex" talk by a Kenyan bishop that made us laugh so much. And we were worried about talking on marital intimacy. Ha!
We had an amazing afternoon. Together with 2 bishops, we married 5 couples and prayed over every other couple present, about 75 couples all up. It was a humbling and at the same time an exciting experience.
It has been wonderful to see changes in marriages and attitudes towards marriages. Even though we have been with them for only 3 days we have seen some dramatic changes. We have been so blessed by the people. We have felt like celebrities (see the banner photo from yesterday) and everyone constantly wants to shake our hands and have photos taken with us. We have learnt so much! It has been beyond our expectations.
It was announced at the closing of the seminar that this will be an annual event and we have been officially invited to return each year.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

2010 Trip - 27th August

Well, what a blessing today was!
Each morning has started late with few people but by the end of the day the place is full and jumping. We weren't sure on day one if they were on the same page as us about wanting their marriages to be different. We were so encouraged during today when both men and women were sharing and encouraging each other to be different to their culture (in East Africa the man is the authoritative boss) and be more biblical in their love for their partners. They spoke about wanting to be different but also acknowledged that change will be difficult. Today we saw and heard many breakthroughs!
These are pastors and church leaders and many are planning to return to their churches and challenge the men and women in their congregations about their relationships. We give the honour and glory to God for how he has broken down barriers and is working in the lives of these couples.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

2010 Trip - ready to go!

Linda and I leave Australia on Tuesday on our long awaited 2010 trip.

We will spend the first 2 weeks in Kenya. The first week we are running a Marriage Enrichment Conference for over 50 pastor couples from Kenya and Uganda. We will also catch up with many of our friends in Kenya and we have some work to do for Kenya Help. Please pray for us as we visit Kenya again and that God would use us to minister to these pastor couples.

After Kenya, we head off to Hungary to see where Linda's father grew up and also catch up with some family. Then we're cruising from Budapest to Amsterdam.

We will post updates here when we are able - internet access permitting.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Video from CMEA Conference

A video of the one of the keynote speakers at the CMEA NSW 2010 Marriage Enrichment Conference is now online on the CMEA web-site. Look under Resources/Videos.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Couples for Marriage Enrichment Australia

Couples for Marriage Enrichment Australia is an organisation which exists to enhance and enrich the marital relationship between a man and a woman. Activities include weekend marriage enrichment retreats, shorter seminars and local support groups, training of marriage enrichment leader couples and the publication of regular newsletters. Some of these events are sponsored by community groups and churches.
For more information and to see how your marriage can be enriched, see their web-site